The Wolfcat Chronicles Revision Book 10 Nearing Completion


It’s taken most of this month to accomplish and has included some rewrites, adding in a couple of new chapters but the revision for The Wolfcat Chronicles Book 10 is almost complete. Since the last chapter will be virtually scrapped, there are only three more left for me to go through, but I anticipate heavy rewrites ahead. However, I’m still on target to complete the revision before the end of the month.

My day job, such that is is, has been scheduling more hours, which is a good thing because I can use the money, but the downside is that I have less time for writing, revising and doing my publicity gig. On balance it is a good thing, just I have less free time. I’m okay with that, though the time I spend taking Rocco for afternoon walks is impacted. I’m sure he’s not happy about it.

I’ve decided to redefine my social media presence, though it may at first confuse those who know me well and are accustomed to my warped sense of humor and shotgun approach to appreciating life. Despite my hatred for the word normal I am approaching potential readers who are, as a rule, more so normal than me. I don’t want to frighten anyone off.

I’m well aware that at times I can seem completely off my rocker. For the most part, in my personal life, I couldn’t care less what other people think. Those who don’t accept the way I am are probably no people with whom I would want to associate anyway. But it occurs to me that appears less mainstream alienates all but a fairly unique minority of potential readers. As I can’t remove the stick most people have up their butts, at least not directly, I have to appeal to the straight laced as well as all the others who have discovered the imagination driven universe I’ve created in my books.

So my blogs and my social media will be about books in general – those I have written as well as those my friends have written. I have a lot of authors who are my friends, so there is always someone with a book coming out soon. I will also post things about music, because that is part of me and it is integrated into my writing. There will be some humorous things from time to time. And there will be posts about animals, because I love animals, especially pandas, wolves, dogs and cats. Political stuff is off limits unless it is really humorous in a non-partisan way. This of you who know me well know how politically neutral I am in real life – that translates into I hate both major political parties in my country pretty much equally while I also advocate some causes each party supports.

I’m also going to stay away from religious posts because those tend to offend people in general unless they share a certain belief. Personally I feel religious dogma divides people. Also, I’m relatively certain that the God I know is not a religious sort. Things that are done and have been done historically in the name of religion have often times not been Godly acts filled with love and grace. So, if you want to discuss religion with me, we’ll take that private. You are entitled to your personal relationship with whatever you believe and so am I. Enough said.

Most will not see much of a change in what I post. But from time to time I have deviated from what I have spelled out here and it has alienated some friends. If it wasn’t for being an increasingly public person upon which other people have tied a certain amount of business capital, I wouldn’t give two craps. But I owe it to people who had enough faith in me to take some risks in supporting me as an author and promoting my works.

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