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Fried Windows (In a Light White Sauce)- Fried Windows Series Book 1

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In the tradition of Asimov, Heinlein, H.G. Wells, and Lewis Carroll,Elgon Williams has created a universe where imagination rules and reality is not what it seems.

Leave your world behind and enter an adventure forever lost but never forgotten. Where only magic is real, and anything is possible.

When Brent Woods, a middle-aged computer technician delivers a new computer system to an eccentric woman who lives in a strange house with no windows, she offers to reconnect him with his childhood dreams and fantastic imagination. Alongside his best friend Lucy, Brent explores the seemingly infinite possibilities of the “Inworld” where she lives, a place where everything about anything can change with a thought. Nevertheless, in the process of remembering his past as Carlos, Lord of Bartoul in the Interrealm, Brent exposes a dark potential that threatens his family and his life as he knows it.

When his youngest daughter is attacked in her dreams by the same forces that took away his kingdom, and Lucy’s. Brent seeks answers that lie somewhere in the truth of what happened in his past, and how he lost his connection to the Interrealm. He must find a way to correct his mistakes and solve the puzzle of his best friend’s life.

Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce is an unforgettable journey into imagination—a feast of delightful characters whose perspective of their worlds will change the way you think about yours—forever.


Becoming Thuperman – The Thuperman Trilogy Book 1

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What if you could take make believe and make it real?

It’s the summer of 1988 and little is normal about Will and Sandra, except for the name of their town, Normal, Illinois. The two precocious eight-year-olds share overactive imaginations, a love of baseball and genuine affection for each other. But over the course of a single, fateful week at the beginning of their summer vacation the duo discovers budding superhero powers.

Each day is a new adventure and an excuse for them to get on their bikes and enjoy being kids. Down the street from where they live is a spooky old house. An elderly woman and her older brother live there along with an overly protective dog that barks at the kids, frightening them as they pass by the house on their bikes. Children in the neighborhood believe the old lady is actually a witch and the old house is haunted. And there’s a rumor that she keeps kids locked in her basement.

Sandra helps Will overcome his lack of confidence. Will convinces Sandra to stand up to her mother and become what she wants to be. Together, the kids use a map/maze that Sandra created to explore their imaginations, taking a detour through a fantastic world where they serve as fairy royalty. But when reality rudely intrudes on their idyllic world, Will and Sandra unlock their true potential as a crime fighting team when they are forced to save the day from two dangerous men.

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Homer Underby – The Thuperman Trilogy Book 2

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Why is the black van still following Will and Sandra? Something is wrong in Normal.


The perfect summer of being eight years old continues in a way that even two precocious kids with vivid imaginations could never have envisioned. The day before the first game of the Little League season Will’s papaw reveals a family secret that not only explains the odd things that Will has been experiencing but also changes his immediate plans.

While poking around in the abandoned old house down the street, looking for a half-fairy/half-human named Homer Underby, Will and Sandra are surprised by an old lady who appears to live there. As they try to help her out, it becomes clear that she’s troubled. But when they attempt to assist her, they uncover an unsolved mystery that happened twenty years before.

As the amateur sleuths investigate, strange men grab Sandra. While trying to get away, Will falls backward and through a hole in the floor landing in what he believes is the basement. With a badly sprained ankle, Will limps toward what he hopes will be the way out of the darkness, only to learn he is no longer anywhere near Normal.

Somehow Will has wound up in the distant future on a subtropical island off the coast of Antarctica where Brent, the last man on Earth, lives. While the most important thing for Will is getting back home to help Sandra escape from her captors, he must trust the reluctant hermit who knows a lot more about Sandra’s abduction than Will is comfortable with.

Homer Underby continues The Thuperman Trilogy as two budding superheroes must depend on each other to find answers.

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Thuperheroes – The Thuperman Trilogy Book 3

Released on October 20, 2021 – Buy it now at Amazon

The adventures continues:

Having freed Sandra and her family, Will’s first task is to convince them to trust Brent, their former captor. Brent is their only hope for resisting the intentions of The Program.

While Sandra and Will continue learning about their magic, they experiment with the orbs Will brought back from the future. While exploring the strange places conjured from their imagination, the pair finds a girl who claims to have been trapped inside the orb for nearly a hundred years. But how can they help her?

Questions mount as the budding Thuperheroes seek advice from Esther before setting out on a new adventure into the distant future on Brent’s subtropical island. There the two learn more about other possibilities and potentials they need to explore once they return home.

As for the not so small matter of solving Essie’s murder, the kids are now pretty sure her body is buried somewhere beneath the old, deserted house. But how are they going to satisfy the old woman’s spirit enough for her to crossover to Assembly? When an unexpected turn in the case implicates someone the kids know, they enlist Brent’s assistance in getting the authorities involved.

Ninja Bread Castles – Fried Windows Series Book 2

Coming Spring 2022 – Pre-order Available Soon

If you fall through a window, either you shatter it or it shatters you. 

Regardless, it’s a bad choice. Although there may be a good story in it, even when there is no other option, it is never a good idea.  

When Brent escapes The Program, he breaks fundamental law. A window is a barrier intended to divide. It’s best at separating inside from outside. And so, despite having just regathered the fragments of his life, Brent Woods is once again in two pieces. With one part remaining in the world where Sully and Forsythe desperately seek to find and control him, the other winds up in an alternate universe New Orleans where the living and the dead coexist. 

Obviously, Brent’s main objective is to get himself together but first, he must resolve issues lingering from his youth when three of his girlfriends died tragically. Accused of responsibility he must clear his reputation before Plush the Magic Drag Queen permits his return to the Outworld. All the while, his other half must escape The Program’s recapture. Straddling two hostile worlds, Brent navigates a minefield of threats and challenges that no one living should ever face.     


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