Review of Teyla Branton’s The Escape, Book 3 of The Unbounded Series

The Escape

The Escape is the third book of the Unbounded Series by Teyla Branton. If you aren’t familiar with the series, here’s a brief overview.

Erin is Unbounded meaning she is quasi-immortal. Like other Unbounded she was born like every other human but around the time she turned thirty she experienced the Change. The Unbounded have the ability to recover from serious, injuries that to mortals would be fatal. Their bodies are designed to survive and regenerate. This also means that their reproduction is almost a certain consequence of sexual intercourse.

Erin might live for two thousand years unless someone severs the connections between her brain, hearts and reproductive organs. She belongs to a group of other Unbounded called Renegades. A rival group called the Emporium wants to take over the world and subjugate all mortals to servitude and to do so they must overcome resistance of the Renegades either converting them to their cause of eliminated them – usually the latter unless the renegade possesses an ability the Emporium desires for their breeding experiments.

Meanwhile a group of mortals called the Hunters want to get rid of all both groups of Unbounded, Fortunately for the Unbounded the Hunters aren’t all that bright. Still, they are dangerous adversaries.

In The Escape, Erin is learning more and more about her special ability, called sensing. In the previous episode she realized that she could sometimes borrow abilities from other unbounded and she also learned that sometimes she could penetrate the mental defense of others. Here she must use what she has learned about herself in combination with the abilities of others we met in the previous installments. The objective is facilitating the escape of Renegade prisoners from the Emporium strong hold in New York City. In the process of planning Erin discovers the nature of the Emporium’s evil plans to take control of the government through subterfuge and murder.

Although I’m not normally a huge fan of paranormal novels I have seemed o read a number of them in the past year. II enjoy the unleashed imagination that is possible when characters can defy the laws of physics – or rather utilize or explore other, undiscovered levels of the physical universe. It makes for good fantasy, especially if the story is told with enough realism that a reader can easily be drawn into the story.

Branton excels in character development giving us an array of people to care about throughout the telling. This volume has action, mystery, suspense and romance blended together with a healthy dose of political intrigue. I am looking forward to reading The Reckoning, Unbounded Book 4, already available at Amazon.

Teyla Branton

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Review Of The Change by Teyla Branton

The Change Cover

Teyla Branton’s The Change is book one of The Unbounded series, a fresh take on paranormal adventure. The series currently comprising four volumes, the most recent publishing earlier this summer (2014). As the introduction to the extended tale, The Change provides ample character development while establishing the foundation and associated conflicts for everything that is to come in the battle between three factions: the mortal Hunters and the two sides of nearly godlike Unbounded, the Emporium and the Renegades. Branton provides a historical basis for the conflict creating enough plausibility for the reader to suspend disbelief, a critical part of paranormal storytelling.

Branton’s writing style makes for a comfortable read providing enough variation to remain fresh and compelling as she employs first person to convey the story through the eyes as well as other senses of Erin. Barely surviving a horrendous traffic accident in which she was severely burned over seventy percent of her body, Erin learns that she possesses a gene that allows her not only to survive but also to be better than she was before as her body now replicates and repairs itself quickly.

Although near immortality at first it might seem a dream come true, the reality of her new situation casts Erin into the midst of a centuries-old battle. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Hunters that would like nothing better than rid the world of all Unbounded. In the process of self-discovery Erin is compelled to choose which side she will join. She learns that nothing about her life is easy or even what it seems including her ancestry and that her gifts that are rare even amongst the Unbounded.

The Change is full of suspense, action and intrigue with several twists and turns as the reader constantly learns more about the surreal world that exists beneath the unsuspecting noses of most mortals. With attention held from start to finish the reader reaches a conclusion that serves more as a respite than resolution. There is a good deal left to be resolved in the subsequent installments.

Teyla Branton

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