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Becoming Thuperman Coming FEB 2017

So, I can’t tell anyone the exact date of release just yet because BECOMING THUPERMAN has not yet passed through the critical milestone of substantive¬† edits. But I can say that the final sub edits were submitted yesterday to Pandamoon … Continue reading

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A Pretty Cool Day In Florida

For almost two years now I’ve been associated with Pandamoon Publishing, first as an author and more recently as a publicist. At times the latter role requires more effort and schedule juggling than the former but it is one of … Continue reading

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Beards, Razors and Marketing

Maybe a weird kind of topics for a writer’s blog, but bear with me. This could raise a bit of controversy in a $13 Billion a year industry. You see, I think the whole thing about shaving is overdone. It’s … Continue reading

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The Roles of Marketing and Publicity in Publishing

As a publicist for authors I frequently confront confusion about the role of marketing in the publishing business. It comes from the general association of marketing with sales, which is erroneous. Anyone who has worked in marketing knows that when … Continue reading

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We Are Authors, Not Competitors

Look, I’ve been in competition for years, selling all sorts of things from toe nail clippers to complicate computer systems to expensive automobiles. I know the best and worst practices of the sales process. having studied marketing and promotion, I … Continue reading

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