It’s Going To Be A Good Day

FINAL Final Fried Windows Front Cover Only

It’s nice to wake up to a five-star review for Fried Windows In A Light White Sauces, especially come from Rose Montague, an author I respect and whose writing I enjoy. So, whatever today throws my way, it’s going to be a good day.

In case you missed the notice but have been thinking of reading Fried Windows, here’s your chance. There is a free sample promotion going on. Send me an email to my authors email at elgon.williams@pandamoonpublishing.com and you’ll receive the first six chapters for free. That’s over 15% of the book – more than you can sample at Amazon.com. Of course I think that once you start reading the book you’ll want to continue:

Leave your world behind and enter an adventure forever lost but never forgotten, where only magic is real, and anything is possible.

When Brent Woods, a middle-aged computer technician delivers a new system to Strawb, an eccentric lady who lives in a house with no windows, she offers to reconnect him with his childhood dreams and fantastic imagination. Alongside his best friend Lucy, Brent explores the seemingly infinite possibilities of the “Inworld” where she lives, a place where everything about anything can change with a thought. But in the process of remembering his past as Carlos, Lord of Bartoul, Brent exposes a dark potential that threatens his family, and his home.

After his youngest daughter is attacked in her dreams by the very forces that took away his kingdom, and Lucy’s, Brent seeks answers that lie somewhere in the truth of what happened in his past, and how he lost his connection to the Inter-Realm. He must find a way to correct his mistakes and solve the puzzle of his best friend’s life.

Fried Windows (In a Light White Sauce) is an unforgettable journey into imagination. It is a feast of delightful characters whose perspective of their worlds will change the way you think about yours forever.


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This Is A Test


Everyone has good intentions – I want to believe that anyway. They tell me all sorts of things in my best interest. They want to see me succeed. They also want to understand exactly what it is Im trying to do. The problem is that unless you’re a writer you don’t have a prayer of understanding.

If it was thirty years ago maybe I’d be all about playing the game and working for advancement in a company. But I did that. Where did it get me? I believed and for a while I benefitted. I probably wouldn’t be working now if I hadn’t sold my stock to buy a house and invest in an ill-advised franchising venture. It’s only money, right? Had I never made those mistakes I would never have felt compelled to write. It would sill be a hobby. There would be all sorts of dreams unrealized and books never to be written trapped inside of me. So, despite the difficulties and all that, I’m okay with how things turned out. There were invaluable lessons learned in the process. i’m better for knowing what I know about failure and surviving at the bottom of the economic ladder.

People who are driven by money and accumulation of wealth will never get why I spend the time I do writing or promoting my writing. It seems a waste of time for the return not he investment of time and energy. I used to think hat way to. I understand that analysis. But that’s not why I write. I couldn’t care less about making money except that I have obligations to others who have invested their time, efforts and money because they believe in my dream as well. So, for them I promote my work. As far as I’m concerned as long as people read my books I’m happy.

Fried Windows has been out for a little over two weeks. It’s building a following. It will take time for strangers to discover it. I get that. It also will require people I know reading it and recommending it to others. That is beginning to happen as well. If you’l like to sample the book for free, let me know. I have a special version that includes the first there chapters. Think of it as a test drive. If you like what you read, as I know you will, you’ll buy the rest of the book.

For the month of June, if you sample Fried Windows, you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to receive an autographed book and poster. Just send an email to freebooks@pandamoonpublishing.com

FINAL Final Fried Windows Front Cover Only

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