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Update on Ballad of Best Buy Bonnie

(Refer to previous post regarding a refund problem Best Buy’s Geek Squad) And so the saga comes to a conclusion, a full six weeks after it began. It turns out I¬†was right to an extent. The alleged refund was never … Continue reading

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Customer Dissatisfaction – or – Wrestling An 800 Pound Gorilla Named Microsoft

Let me tell you a story, but first allow me qualify things and set the stage so you better understand. I have worked in retail as either a manager, sales association, customer service associate or retail vendor support representative for … Continue reading

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Coupons, Coupon Everywhere

A lot of us have worked in retail at sometime or another and probably have had to work a checkout either ringing up merchandise or stuffing it into shopping bags. With the advent of self checkouts, both those jobs seem … Continue reading

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