Experiencing Jewel, Book One of Norma Jean’s School of Witchery

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What do some wealthy people do with the excess money they have is donate to charity or start schools to benefit those like them to make learning life lesson’s a little easier. That’s sort of the premise behind that founding of Norma Jean’s School of Witchery, a place established by one famous Norma Jean (a.k.a Marilyn Monroe) for other young witches to develop their skills. Jewel, the guardian of Jade and Jane and goddaughter of Jill, the Winter Queen of the Faeries, arrives late in the school year, just prior to Halloween, which also happens to be her birthday. You see, truly gifted witches tend to be born on Halloween. She has a lot of make-up work in order to catch up with theater students, yet in many ways she is much more advanced than the others, including the teachers.

Rose Montague is a great storyteller and this Young Adult book has the potential to become a classic of the supernatural on a par with the Harry Potter series. She creates a world that parallels our own but operates on its own asked rules, where witches, faeries, vampires and such coexist, albeit not always happily, with normal humans. It’s about a teen coming of age, discovering her that her special powers are growing and others depend on her. All the while she is also discovering some of the normal things teens deal with, discovering her sexuality and contending with popularity. It’s basically a story about what friendship is and the importance of doing your best to protect those closest to you.

Like her adopted parents and faerie godmother, Jewel is totally bad ass. She creates rings of fire drawn from he depth of her being and source of her immense magical power. And that isn’t even her most impressive attribute. She can also see a few seconds or minutes into the future, a pretty neat ability considering someone is trying to kill the witch daughter of a presidential candidate – Jewel’s roommate.

I enjoyed this story and found inspiring me to explore some of the more unusual aspects of  one of my own character’s nature. I feel a new wrinkle in the Fried Windows saga coming on. Inspiration comes from the works of other artists, doesn’t it?

In the way of a disclaimer here, one of the supporting characters in this supernatural thriller is my namesake. Rose told me she was going to do that, since she has named other characters in her books after her friends. Do you know how unusual it is to spend a lifetime not knowing anyone else (except for your father named Elgon)? There are no first grade readers that contain sentences like “See Elgon run”. Also there are no coffee mugs or keychains in souvenir shops bearing my name. But Rose has created a character who, other than superficial physical similarities to a younger me in terms of hair color, eyes and height, is not really like me. But that’s okay, I enjoyed reading about someone else named Elgon for once. I won’t spoil what happens but it’s a pretty cool and humorous part of the story.

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