Infinity War

Latest blog post from my friend, Jeff Messick, author of KNIGHTS OF THE SHIELD and the soon to be released MAGEHUNTER.

JA Messick

Avengers: Infinity War

I waited so long to post this, for two reasons. One, I wanted it out a bit after the movie to avoid spoiler issues. Secondly, and more importantly (hanging head) Marvel missed the mark and I’m still trying to recover.

Let’s start with the good…
Tony Stark vs Doctor Strange in snappy patter and Type-A one-upmanship is outstanding. It was simply the best part of this movie for me.
The Hulk got his ass kicked and now he’s scared. Love it. (I know people are equating it to male sexuality issues, but keeping things simple…the big bad Hulk got his ass kicked.
The fight scene in the park. Beautiful cinematography. Fast paced and just well done. This is closer to what I expected, with a great story involved.
The final fight (part of it) takes place in Wakanda, so we get to see their advanced tech.

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