Interview with Laura Ellen Scott, author of The New Royal Mysteries Series

Solid interview with my friend, the always unpredictable and spontaneous Laura Ellen Scott. And she offers lots of reading recommendations for mystery/horror fans.

Horror Scribes

This week we chat to Laura Ellen Scott, author of The Mean Bone in Her Body and Crybaby Lane, the first two books in The New Royal Mysteries Series.

Tell us a bit about you and your writing.

I’m a recovering Ohioan who writes dark mystery novels, heavily influenced by gothic horror. The first two books of the New Royal Mysteries are The Mean Bone in Her Body and Crybaby Lane, and the series is set in a college/prison town where the University has partnered with the corrections industry to offer a crime writing program. Mean Bone sets the stage with several creepy domestic spaces, and Crybaby adds legends and lies to the mix. I have a reputation as a prose stylist, but there’s nothing fancy about my tropes.
I write a more straight-up horror (again, gothic-flavored) in my flash. My chapbook, Curio, is still available as a free ebook via goodreads, and my flash novella…

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