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News About Upcoming Releases

  1. In late Summer, expect Book One of the new epic fantasy series, Wolfcats. Titled THE SPECTRE’S WARNING, we enter the strange world Anter’x with three suns, three moons, and an assortment of fantastic beings. Wolfcats are a humanoid species having the attributes of both wolf and great cat making them powerful and agile adversaries. Historically they warred against the Hovdin Empire though, for many generations there has been peace. The Wolf Pack had prospered under the leadership of Old Tull but many fear what will happen when inevitably he passes on. The story follows two young wolfcats as they mature and assume leadership roles in the Pack.
  2. HOMER UNDERBY, Book 2 of The Thuperman Trilogy is due out in the Fall. Sandra is grounded pending the outcome of the first game of The Little League season and Will may as well be. But their adventures which began in BECOMING THUPERMAN are just warming up. They are confronted with a new mystery while exploring the old haunted house down the street. They may need the help of an unexpected ally.
  3. Future releases include: THUPERMAN AND CASSANDRA, Book 3 of The Thuperman Trilogy tentative release in Spring 2019, WARRIOR HEARTS, Book 2 of Wolfacts, and CASTLES OF NINJA BREAD, the long awaited sequel to FRIED WINDOWS, coming late 2019.  Everything will be released in both eBook and Print through Pandamoon Publishing and made available worldwide with distribution through Amazon and Ingram.

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