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About a month ago I attended a book festival here in Orlando. One of my friends, Steph Post, was a panelist in a discussion on Crime and Mystery writing. Although those aren’t in my usual wheelhouse there is always something to be learned from any author’s experience. Anyway, I believe that for a book to be successful in the modern marketing climate it must have elements of nearly every genre. For example, one of the hottest subgenres in sci-fi right now is Romance.

Following the panel discussion, as I was gathering my stuff together to follow Steph to her scheduled book signing in another building, a guy who had been seated at my table approached me. His first question was, “Do you write?”

“Of course.”

“Me too,” he said. “You know, overtime I come to one of these things I never hear what I want to hear.”

“And that is…

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Professional author and publicist with Pandamoon Publishing. Author of Fried Windows. The Wolfcat Chronicles, Becoming Thuperman, The Attributes and One Over X. Currently live in Orlando, 3 adult children, divorced.
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