The Final Episode of The Wolfcat Chronicles and Some Other Stuff


Yesterday I began working on Book Ten of The Wolfcat Chronicles. I’ll not call this a revision because I’ll be extensively rewriting the book, most of the changes coming in the last third to a half of the story. But already I have changed a couple of things early on and I’m only two chapters into the effort.

As originally written the book was 33 chapters and around 320 pages. After all the work on it I expect it to remain about the same length. There isn’t a great deal of the story and overall plot that will be altered until apron Chapter 26 or so. Between the way Book 9 concluded and how I have begun Book 10, the foreshadowing for the new conclusion to the series has already begun.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot more time at work, doing my other job. That has not really affected my writing and revising of books but it has caused some other adjustments in my schedule. This week I have fewer days scheduled, though I could be called in to cover someone else’s absence. I’ve been doing a lot of that. I need the money, so…

Because I’m riding my bike more often and for longer distances because my work is 4.5 miles away, I’m gradually losing some weight again. I had put on a few more pounds over the holidays, so it’s not a bad thing. I still could lose around thirty pounds and never miss them – except for needing smaller size clothes.

I’ll miss the Superbowl as I’m working this evening. I’ll watch the commercials separately. I always do that online. Having worked retail for so many years I rarely got a chance to watch the big game. Those years my boss threw a party I was always the last to show up because, somehow, I was the one scheduled to close the store. As we don’t have cable TV where I’m staying, I wouldn’t be watching it anyway, unless I streamed the broadcast. I heard NBC is doing that. Folks, consider that the death nell for broadcast TV – when sports is streamed over the Internet and widely available. Cable and Satellite company won’t be able too charge exorbitant rates to provide you with a zillion channels of crap, of which you maybe watch four or five. It makes far more sense to purchase individual shows and costs less money. Haven’t not had cable for much of the past 8 years, I can tell you how much I don’t miss it – or the $100+ a month for stuff I never watched anyway.

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