Books to Read in 2015

Sheryl Monks

I was given a ton of money on a bookstore gift card for Christmas, so I’ll be placing a nice order ASAP. I just purchased a hefty stack of books for my spring classes at Salem as well, so I’m really getting excited about the new year. One of my goals is to start doing reviews, and here’s a short list of where I may begin. You’ll notice there’s only one male writer on this list, and that’s unusual for me. Truth is, there are several new books out by men I’m equally excited about. It’s just that I’ve already purchased several of them or am in the process of reading them. I’ll tell you about those later. For now, I’ll just say that these are the books presently calling my name.

Young God by Katherine Morris Faw1. Young God, a novel by Katherine Faw Morris

Three reasons I’m dying to read this book: (1) Katherine Faw Morris hails from and (2) writes about the same county in NC from…

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