A Short One Today

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As most of you know from following this blog, I’m doing revisions on The Wolfcat Chronicles. I’m about 70 pages from the end of Book 4 in the series. I’ll probably finish the revision in the next day or two. I’m on goal to reach the end of Book 5 by month’s end.

By the end of January I should reach the end of Book 7. Books 3 through 7 are collectively called One Pack. That will put me squarely in the last three books of the series. Those are collectively called The Last Wolfcat. Since those last three books have not been revised for several years I expect they will need the most work. Also I plan to rewrite the ending since a couple of those who read the draft gave me some ideas. There have also been some suggestions for adding chapters into the storyline and perhaps another book, making The Last Wolfcat a four book series. I’m not sure there is enough meat to add into he story for that but perhaps one to the other books be a chapter to two longer.

The series needs to tie into Fried Windows since Brent Woods, the main character in FW, appears in the finishing parts of the series. Those who have read FW’s know something about the Inworld. What happens at the conclusion of The Wolfcat Chronicles is the genesis of the Inworld. That’s all I will say about that for the time being. It’s going to be a challenge to tie everything together but I’ve had tougher thing to do in the past, like figuring out a major change early on in The Wolfcat Chronicles so that it connected with One Over X.

As far as the weather goes, Bleh! It’s been drizzling on and off for the past day or so. It’s likely to continue throughout today. Last night I pedaled home in that mess. Soggy clothes and 60 degrees F was not fun. I’m hoping to stay dry for my ride to work today. Getting wet riding home isn’t as bad as getting wet going to work only to be stuck in wet clothes for the entire work shift.

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