Where Alligators Sleep, by Sheldon Lee Compton

Steph Post’s review for Where Alligators Sleep posted at Heavy Feather Review.

Heavy Feather Review


Where Alligators Sleep, by Sheldon Lee Compton. Foxhead Books. 160 pages. $18.00, paper.

I love flash fiction. I love reading it, writing it, teaching it, sharing it. In a world where our attention spans are shrinking and our desire for something new is ever-expanding, flash fiction is a powerful way to satiate and surprise, to deliver the jolt of a story straight to the vein. I thought I knew flash. I felt pretty comfortable with its range and scope, its genre boundaries and limitations. And then I read Sheldon Lee Compton’s Where Alligators Sleep. And everything I thought I knew and loved about flash fiction went sailing out the front door, hit the curb and was run over by a pickup truck.

Compton’s collection of sixty-six flash stories, some a few pages in length, some as short as a paragraph, is visceral. The pieces are risky, in some cases…

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