Like A Lot Of Days…


Like a lot of days here of late, waking up with nothing to do but wait for the clock to arrive at the appointed time, I’m alone. After shaving and taking a shower, I’ll bike off to work for a few hours to make a few dollar to pay rent, buy food and little else. My bet is a lot of you can relate. It would be a rut I’m in except I decided to get out of the that mire a couple of years ago, didn’t I?


Overcoming, that is what we do in life. We prevail against our innocence about everything while learning the lessons of growing up. In the process we lose a lot of the magical aspects of being alive. Something every child knows instinctively is that life is to be lived to its fullest and enjoyed. And then reality sets in, oppressive and dominating.


The world changes us, subtly at first but eventually we have to submit, yielding to the preponderance of depressing truth. If we are lucky, during our separate journeys through life we accumulate some friends, good ones not the fake, plastic kind that are as well as toys except that they treat us as their playthings. A couple of good friends is all anyone needs, though. Even with family there are a few dependable supporters and a lot of other well wishers who give lip service or what could be at best termed lukewarm encouragement.

Sobering facts – but it doesn’t need to be that way. The world is intended to be whatever we decide. We allow others to convince us to believe in their version of things, their warped illusions of what life is supposed to be about. Most people are miserable, so the world is recreated in their sorry, desperate image. They are the ones pointing fingers of blame, casting aspersions and doubt, offering disparaging commentary on everything and anything around them. They perceive all there is through a veil of negativity pulled over their eyes. We know better than to be around them. Still, we think they are our friends. We delude ourselves that their view of the muddled mess around us is accurate without understanding that on any given day it is our choice to see the daily rain as something evil or something good. It will dampen our spirits or give us life – if we let it.


That’s where I’m at today in waking. It’s Sunday. I need the money so I work. Later on, when I come back to my rented refuge I’ll write something wonderful because that is what I want to do. Working is to allow me the space that I occupy while my mind takes a respite from the ordeal of surviving. There, on the inside, I can take a portion of the universe and bend it to suit my sensibilities and desires. I can populate it with characters and allow them to interact and tell me their story because that is what I’ve decided is my real purpose in life. By comparison. everything else I do amounts to nothing.

I understand that only a few are blessed to have their minds left connected to a childish point of view. We become the dreamers and artists, the musicians and entertainers, the comedians and inventors who dare to reshape the world with our words and music, art and ideas. We are the mistreated misfits who somehow persevere. We survive the taunting and jeers of others to emerge from the battle of conformity with some pretty radical ideas as our wild imaginations allow. We see through the fog. We know that the world is full of potential exists not he other side. If we will only believe in the possibilities, we can make anything real.

Like a lot of days the hope contained int his one is left up to me. I think I’ll choose to have some fun and maybe, in the process, I can turn someone else’s day around, pointing him or her in a better direction. If I can peel away the distortion, drawing back the curtains from their eyes, in some way I can let them know there is always two ways to look at things. Perhaps I can convince them to see things a different way.


There is a reason most people dream with their eyes closed. The deception of what they think is their life around them is too pervasive for them to ignore. It is left to those of us who can dream with our eyes open to provide them with an alternative way to see.

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