Emily Belden’s Eightysixed Receives Glowing Review

I can honestly say that Eightysixed was an extraordinary read. I am a huge fan of romance novels, but this one stood out of all the romance novels I’ve read in the past few years. I read 1 book every few days to a week, so that’s quite a few. This novel, I want to say, feels life changing and changes my perspective on life and love. I have a love for food and feel just as lucky as Emily to have found the love of my life and have been happily married for years so I am happy to read about her trials, horrible dates and happy story in the end.
The dinners and meetups with Floris were enchanting and magical to say the least. The detail of the courses, flavors, and how mesmerizing the chemistry was literally transported me to feel as if I were experiencing it for myself. This will be a favorite read of mine for a long time, and a romance read I will suggest to anyone I find interested in the genre! I hope everyone will give this a read and experience the beauty of it first hand. 😃
Also I must add, being stationed here in Nebraska with my husband, I can totally relate to the corn covered land here that I’ve come to know over the past year. I love the humor and references about it!
-I am also posting my review on amazon for you!

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