Remember May 30

Google this date in history (or go to Wikipedia and have a look) and you’ll find a lot of things happened in the past to make it significant. Actually do that for any date in history and you’ll be amazed at what you learn.

For today’s date I hope that along with the beginnings and endings of wars, the various burnings at the stake of some famous people like Joan of Arc, the establishment of Decoration Day which eventually evolved into Memorial Day , and the first running of the Indianapolis 500, that people will recall it as the official date Fried Windows In A Light White Sauce by Elgon Williams was launched. Certainly, I’ll remember it.

FINAL Final Fried Windows Front Cover Only

It has always been difficult to publish a book, get it noticed and sell it. As the process of publication has trended more toward producing a variety of material for the reader it has also become increasingly more difficult for a particular book release to be noticed. So, this launch day is a bit different. It is without a great deal of hoopla.

Yeah, there will be some events and contests and such. I figure those will draw some attention and maybe a few dozen will participate. That’s reality. I hope those who do will buy my book and read it. If they do the majority will like it and hopefully tell their friends and family to buy it. They will read it and like it and tell their friends and family and so on. That’s how a book becomes popular.

Despite all the modern technology that has led to the plethora of reading material available on Amazon, where my book officially launches today, the method of an author becoming known for a particular book has never changed. It all rests, as it should, in the hands of the reader, doesn’t it?

Without any fear or delusions of grandeur, I humbly submit for your analysis and review what I think is a significant achievement in fiction. Like it’s title and cover, Fried Windows. (In A Light White Sauce) is something different and special. It is a book about a middle-aged man being afforded the opportunity of a lifetime – reconnecting with his inner child.

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