Proud Parent Day


Today, May 1, 2014, is one of those proud parent days for me. My son graduates from UCF with his doctorate. Last year, around this time, one of my daughters completed her Master’s. My other daughter, the youngest, is still pursuing her education. What makes my children’s accomplishments all the more noteworthy is that, due to my financial situation over the past several years, they did it mostly on their own with scholarships, loans and outside jobs. I have three very good kids of whom I am exceedingly proud.

My son’s ceremonies and such last most of the day. You’d expect that. It’s a celebration for the families of the grads as much as the soon to be former students. The achievement is to be lauded and praised. It’s not easy to arrive at this point. It takes a lot of determination and focus to get to the end of such a journey. And now, for my son, his professional life begins.


Parents tend to be sentimental at times like these, reflecting upon the first moment of a child’s life, seeing the newborn’s face and hearing his or her first cries for attention upon entering a world that can be as harsh as it is wonderful. For me, that happened on the other side of the planet two months shy of twenty eight years ago today.

You hope your kid will become a good person, honest, decent, hard working so that they will make a difference in the world and a contribution to society. You even dare dream that they might one day become a great leader or an important professional like a doctor helping others through their afflictions and difficulties. A few kids make it there. A lot fall short of parents dreams as well as their own. Life’s tough to navigate. It’s an obstacle course at times and it culls out those who don’t have the heart and drive to see their eduction through to a pinnacle moment of achievement.


Success is not about trying but instead it is about doing and continuing even after reaching a goal. Today, my son has done something remarkable. It’s time to congratulate Rob! This is his day.

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