Random Fun with Christine Gabriel, Author of Crimson Forest


Unless you are one of her many friends on social media, or mine, or have not been paying any attention to the coming Pandamoonium – which is the critical mass achieved when many Pandamoon Authors release their books on an unwitting world – you may have not heard of Christine Gabriel. He debut novel, Crimson Forest, is due for release in August. Trust me, you’re about to become a fan of this dynamic young lady.

Christine was one of the first Pandas I met after signing my contract with Pandamoon Publishing late last June. The official announcement of my signing had not been made so I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. I found out who the other Pandas were and friended them on FB and followed them on Twitter. Christine posted something to her social media and I posted a comment. She replied and that was how our ongoing conversation began.

She was also the first to welcome to upon the official announcement, calling me a rock star. Ironic as that term is in that I dreamed of being a rock star back in the day, I was flattered. Getting to know the spontaneous person that is Christine has been an adventure at times over the past ten or so months and now that we are working together as the dynamic duo of publicity behind Instant Fame Magazine which will soon include regular video blog interviews, I’ve gotten to know more about her but I’ve also discovered there will always be something else to learn.

Yesterday morning I decided to send a few random questions her way and I waited for the responses. I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did and, like me, become a fan of the talented author who is Christine Gabriel.

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EW: Okay, lets start with something totally random: you wake up only to realize you don’t remember your name or what you’re doing in Des Moines, Iowa. What’s the story?

CG: Well, I would automatically assume aliens had abducted me and most likely check to make sure I hadn’t been probed by some weird alien instrument. After I was assured I had not been violated, I would then check my pockets for any clue as to who I was. I would find a camera that showed pictures of all my fellow Pandamoon Publishing Authors, which would jog my memory. I would realize I was really just suffering from a severe hangover from Pandamoonium and would immediately delete all evidence of what had happened the night before…kind of like they did in The Hangover.

EW: You’re one of first authors I’ve sent that question to that actually decided to answer it. I’m impressed. So, let’s venture into some uncharted territory, talking about when you were a kid in school. Were you a troublemaker, an instigator or the teacher’s pet? Explain.

CG: In school I was very quiet and didn’t have a lot of friends. Yes, that’s right, I was a nerd. School was pretty rough for me, and I don’t miss it at all. My only regret is that I wish I would’ve stood up for myself a little more than I did. Then again, being a nerd has made me the success I am today. So I suppose the last laugh is on all the people who made fun of me as a kid. (Evil laugh)


EW: Crimson Forest is the beginning of a fantasy series set in the real world. How much research did you do before starting it? Did the research help develop the plot or did you use it to all background details?

CG: I tend to only research the places where the plot takes place. The story usually develops around that. In my current series, it takes place in a small township – Buffalo, Wisconsin. It was the perfect setting and helped to develop the ongoing story line. I just hope it doesn’t get too flooded by people wanting to check out this “crimson moss” that supposedly pretty deadly. 😉 I apologize to the citizens of Buffalo in advance.

EW: Imagine for a moment that you’re a famous, bestselling author. They’re making a movie out of your last book. What do you do next to top that you’re already achieved?

CG: Make a sex list like Lindsey Lohan…. No I’m totally kidding. Though some of the guys on her list were pretty impressive. I would continue to write novels and try to make the next one even better than the last. I would also love to one day create a network of people who feel they have no one to turn to. Basically build an online community where people can go and feel wanted and loved by others.

EW: You could call it Cyberhug Network. I think that might work. Anyway, where do you see yourself at this moment in your life had you never decided to write a book?

CG: I would probably have few friends and live life quietly. Go to my job managing a financial institution, silently wondering if that was all I was ever meant to do in life.

EW: Sounds like life would be more boring or at least a greater challenge. You have kids; unlike mine, yours are not all grown up. Family and relationships are important in peoples’ lives and so, it’s little surprise that there are relationships between characters in books. How closely do the interactions in your books mirror your real life?

CG: My books mirror my real life in a lot of ways, shapes, and forms. My fans who are close to me will definitely be able to pick up on that. I believe by putting mirror images of parts of your life in your work, it allows the reader to get to know you on a more personal level. My fans and readers are my life. I care for each and every one of them and want to share my life with not only my family but them also. They are kind of like one big extended family.


EW: When writing I’m sure you hit snags where characters aren’t behaving or the plot just isn’t working. When that happens to be I play video solitaire. What do you do?

CG: Like I said previously…I’m a big nerd so I game online. Diablo, World of Warcraft, and the classic Ultima Online are my getaways. I tend to get lost battling big nasty dragons or just sitting around chatting with people from other states, countries, etc. to help free my mind of snags. Oh yeah…and I like to golf too. That definitely helps clear my mind.

EW: There is usually someone in a writer’s past that is to credit or to blame. In your life, who was that, when and what happened?

CG: That is a very sensitive question. Yes, there are two people I will give some credit to that has motivated me to finish my first novel. One was my best friend of eight years – “was” being the keyword. She is the only person who, in my eyes, has done the ultimate betrayal…chosen someone who didn’t care about her over her own friend because she was weak. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s just the reality of the situation. The person she chose was, however, the main reason I finished my novel. She didn’t believe I would ever do it and that it would never get published. In some sense of irony, I guess I could thank her, but I don’t want to waste my breath. Instead, I will smile politely and hope that all my fans love it as much as my publisher does. I want to helping people to realize that no matter what people say, no matter how hard they try to bully you, YOU CAN OVERCOME THEM. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Bullying is bullying. Believe in yourself and you can do anything you set your mind to.


EW: I’m old enough to remember what it was like to be a writer in the past when you needed a pen or pencil, a notebook, a typewriter and a ream paper. Cutting and pasting was, literally, cutting and pasting. Since computers came along all that’s changed. It has become easier not only to write, edit and revise novel but also to share your work with readers all over the world. How are you using modern technology to produce and market your book?

CG: Social media man!! Social media rocks! I have an account on like every social media outlet I think is out there. Though my new favorite is Google+:










Check out Christine Gabriel online at any of the above links and don’t miss her debut novel, Crimson Forest coming from Pandamoon Publishing in August.

I want to thank Christine for being with us in our blog universe and I promise we’ll be posting more things in the near future – even the experimental video blog interviews. Look for that soon. I think I’ll be her guinea pig. That should be yet another adventure in randomness.

3 thoughts on “Random Fun with Christine Gabriel, Author of Crimson Forest”

  1. This whole interview reminds me of why Christine is such an awesome person. I hope to one day meet her “for real” because I think she’d have me laughing in a heartbeat. I’m so glad that I get to chance to work with her and I’m so excited for Crimson Forest!

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