Autism Advocate Chrissy Lessey On Her Upcoming Paranormal Books – by Elgon Williams

The Wolfcat Chronicles

Chrissy Lessey 3

Recently, I had the chance to fire a few questions at Pandamoon Publishing author Chrissy Lessey. Her latest novel, Crystal Coast: The Coven, will be released April 30, 2014. In the course of our conversation we learn there is a prequel due out shortly before that, just to whet your appetite and get ready for what sounds like a great storyabout magic, witches and the history of a small costal town in North Carolina.

Chrissy Lessey

Here’s a brief synopsis:Photographer Stevie Lewis knows nothing of the magic that is prevalent in her small town. As a newly single mom, she is focused on raising her five year-old autistic son, Charlie, and running a business she shares with her best friend, Lexi. Stevie has no knowledge of her family’s 300-year-old magical legacy or the long-held secrets that haunt her hometown until Vanessa, a dark witch, returns to retrieve a powerful amulet…

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