About My Monday


Yesterday was full of strangeness, and very busy. As I continue looking for a job – my interview last week didn’t solve my immediate need and I did not fill their requirements, go figure – I continue doing what started out being a fun side line to writing. That has come to occupy more and more of my time, but it’s the sort of diversion I needed.

A couple of months ago I was working on a couple of new projects and they stalled out somewhere in the process. That happens. Occasionally the book to be that has been forced to the back burner dies but with me, usually, it is resurrected in a different form or I just get around to finishing what I started. No reason to panic; it’s the way I write. Whenever that happens, I pull out some other unfinished thing or I revise something that I have worked on several times without really feeling it was finished. This time I took the latter course.

I have a series of books collectively called The Wolfcat Chronicles that some of you have read in part or in entirety. A few of you are writers who are or were members of FanStory when I posted the entire ten book series over the course of several months – usually two chapters at a time. It was a labor of love when I wrote the series in my spare time from the summer of 2000 to around 2005. You see, when you work a full time job in retail spending 60 or so hours a week at work and still have kids at home and you fancy yourself a writer, you write whenever you can. On my days off I was trying to sell my first two books, so it wasn’t like I was wiring more on my days off than I was on my schedule work days. Anyway, I have found that if I write four to six hours a day that is enough to quiet whichever muse is inspiring me at the time.

So, as part of my process of seeking positive diversion I revised the first two of the Wolfcat books and submitted them to my publisher. I also allowed a friend to beta read them in her spare time. Yesterday, I heard back from my friend. She finished reading them and wants to read the next one. So at some point int he next few weeks or months I need to go back and read through the third book. And so I will revisit the Wolfcat books again. I take it as a good sign that people want to continue reading a story line.

The rest of the day, yesterday, I was being publicist, answering emails, sending out press releases for a new book launch, and preparing for a conference call in the evening. Busy, busy, busy. Some Monday’s are like that. I have already begun receiving emails from the editor who is working on Fried Windows. So the real fun has just begun in the process that culminates with the launch of a book, an event that is now less than two months away.

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