Interview Today


It’s been a while since I did one of those interviews for a job, not my books. Usually I’ve been on the other side of the desk, asking the questions. Anyway, I need income more than anything else. Also having a job again will focus my attentions and ration time which is always a positive thing for a writer. Discipline of sticking to a writing schedule is one of the keys I have found to overcoming what others refer to as writer’s block.

The position is overnight which would work out perfectly for me. I usually write in the early morning. So I could do that after work. Then take a nap and do promotional things in the late afternoon and evening before going back to work. Since I usually sleep for four to six hours, it won’t be bad. Also having something physical to do will help me shed a few pounds.

I’m also looking in the longer term. Usually it takes a while, and several books in print to make a living as a novelist. Establishing a brand is really what being a professional author is about. People don’t buy James Patterson’s books based on the title – at least most don’t. They expect a certain type of story and level of quality based on past experiences with the author’s work. Not saying I’m in his league but I write a lot and have a number of manuscripts to publish. I’ll get there.

My passion is writing; it has been for a while. It doesn’t mean I can’t do other things. But my goal is to do nothing but write. Of course promoting books is the necessary evil of being a writer. It’s the unfortunate linkage that drives everything else and I don’t know many authors who actually enjoy that part of the publishing game. Writing is a lot more fun. That doesn’t mean authors want to live as hermits – however attractive that might seem when one is beset by kids, pets, significant others and everything else that is all lumped together into the ‘reality box’ in which we exist. Also, I think most writers enjoy meeting the people who read their books. I know we love talking about our books, our stories and our ideas for new stories. It’s our passion, after all. So, that aspect of promoting books isn’t evil at all, even though it is necessary.

We all have to get over the concepts and notions others have about what it means to have a book published. It doesn’t mean it will be sold for movie rights and suddenly you’ll be a bazillionaire. It only means what it means: you’ve put a part of yourself into print for others to read and hopefully enjoy. A lot of people do that, most people don’t. Some who do do it better than others. A few do it quite well. Writing is not a lucrative enterprise but the reward is something quite apart from any crass monetary consideration. Sometimes I think the only reason I attempt to publish anything is just to have other people read it. Other times my stomach growls and suddenly I have another reason, too.

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